Hector Castillo

Hector Castillo has been working in the NYC music scene as a producer, mixer and engineer for more than ten years. He got his start at Philip Glass’ now defunct Looking Glass studios where he eventually became chief engineer and partner. In his years there he honed his skills working on multiple projects and audio formats and gathered an impressive client list that includes David Bowie, Björk, Lou Reed, Suzanne Vega, Rufus Wainwright, and Philip Glass among others.

In addition to making records, he’s mixed several 5.1 surround projects, most notably T. Rex’s Electric Warrior, and David Bowie’s last two studio albums, Heathen and Reality.  Film credits include engineering Philip Glass’ academy award nominated scores for The Hours and Notes on a Scandal, Errol Morris’ academy award winning documentary Fog of War, mixing Jean Cocteau’s original Beauty and the Beast Criterion DVD release also scored by Philip Glass, and engineering and mixing Naqoiqatsi, the third installment in Godfrey Reggio’s ground-breaking trilogy.

In 2007 Hector received two Latin Grammys for co-producing and mixing  Argentinean rocker Gustavo Cerati’s critically acclaimed album Ahi Vamos.  Feat which they would repeat again in 2010 with Fuerza Natural gathering a total of 4 Latin Grammys. Other collaborations worth mentioning include co-producing and engineering Brazilians Girls, New York City which received a Grammy Nomination for Best Dance Recording in 2009 and mixing Aterciopelados, Rio which also received a Grammy Nomination for Best Latin Rock, Alternative or Urban Album in 2009.

Currently Hector can be found hauling his equipment through different NYC studios, working on a new musical project called MASA with former Brazilian Girls member Didi Gutman and producing a Philip Glass Remix Album with Beck due out early 2012. Stay tuned!

Selected Discography