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Josh G. Abrahams has earned a reputation as being one of the most widely respected producers to emerge from Australia’s underground dance scene. He had been making infectious rave music until he took a huge leap forward with the release of his critically acclaimed “Sweet Distorted Holiday”. The album boasted the massive “Addicted To Bass” single, which catapulted Josh to the top of the charts and won him two prestigious ARIA awards. (Australian Record Industry Association).

Over the past few years Josh has become known as one of the hardest working producer/writers in the Australian music scene. Josh’s collaborations read like a Who’s Who of the music industry – Kylie, Gerling, Not Drowning Waving, Janis Ian, Amiel, The Anthem, Killing Heidi, Holly Valance, Icehouse, Something For Kate, Sara Blasko, John Farnham, Sick Puppies, The Cure – and that is only a sample of the full list! His solo albums, under his artist moniker Puretone, have ensured him a reputation as a musical force in his own right. He also co-produced the worldwide smash “Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen”, and was heavily involved in the soundtrack to Baz Lurhmann’s film sensation “Moulin Rouge”, co-producing more than 15 tracks on the film and soundtrack albums.

Josh has now added to his international resume the soundtrack to “One Last Ride”, a new Ang Lee produced feature film. The entire musical production was undertaken from conception to completion in a two month burst of creativity in which Josh wrote, produced and performed all the music, enlisting the vocal skills of five unique and accomplished Australian singers. Josh also produced songs on the soundtrack for “One Perfect Day”, an Australian film released in 2004, winning an “IF” award for his efforts there. He has remained in close contact with the film’s director, Paul Currie, and they are talking excitedly about working together in LA next year on Paul’s new film project.

Having spent July and August of 2006 in New York running the club slot in the first ever Spiegel Tent to hit the USA, JA returned home to Aus in early September, ready to leap back into his Fishtank Recording Studio with a vengeance.

Josh is currently in the studio working on his new Puretone album with an evolving cast of international artists, as well as nurturing the four bands he has signed to his new record label, Blowtorch Records.

As always, busy times, but fun, too.

Select Tracks

  • Soundtrack
    "Sparkling Diamonds", Moulin Rouge
    Released 2001 (Interscope)

Selected Discography

Puretone | “Stuck In A Groove” – single | Sony/V2* *#5 US Dance Charts
Puretone | Stuck In A Groove – album | Sony/V2/Festival
Puretone | “Addicted to Bass”  - single | Gut/V2/Sony **#2 UK – Silver Sales*#1 US Dance Charts
Josh Abrahams | Sweet Distorted Holiday – album | Prozaac/Shock
Josh Abrahams | Addicted to Bass – single | Procaaz/Shock **15 Australia – Platinum Sales
Josh Abrahams | The Satyricon – album | WWU/Edel
Josh Abrahams | Thrillseeker – single | Prozaac/Shock
Josh Abrahams | Headroom | Prozaac/Shock
FSOM | Chapter One – album | Volition/Sony
FSOM | Prologue – album | Independent
FSOM | Avatar EP | Candyline/Shock
FSOM | Beyond EP | Two Thumbs Records
FSOM | Shivarati/Track 6 – 12″ single
Bassliners | You’re My 303 – single | Prozaac
The Pagan | One Small Step – 12″ single | Two Thumbs Records
The Pagan | Going Bezerk – 12″ single | Two Thumbs Records
Mr. Clean | The Clean EP | MMR
The Edison Project | “Don’t Be Afraid”  - single | Interdance/EMI
Revolution | “Revolution of Love” – single | Volition/Sony
Josh Abrahams & Lani Zaitman | Pure Harmony | Bloom

Baz Luhrman | The Sunscreen Song | EMI | Adt’l Prod/Eng/Programming * *#1 UK Single
Baz Luhrman | Something for Everybody LP | EMI | Prod/Eng/Mix/Prog **UK Platinum, USA Gold
Amiel | Audio Out | Prod/Eng/Mix/Prog
Amiel | (Obsession) I Love You – single | Festival | Prod/Mix/Eng/Prog **#15 Australia
Amiel | Lovesong – single | Festival | Prod/Eng/Mix/Prog **#6 Australia w/ Platinum sales
Amiel | The Chase | Festival | Prod/Eng/Prog
Gerling | When Young Terrorists Chase The Sun | Festival | Prod/Mix/Eng
Gerling | Enter Space Capsule | Festival | Prod/Mix/Eng
Gerling | The Deer In You | Festival | Prod/Mix/Eng