James Brown produced and mixed new Bear Hands EP

We at Just Managing love Bear Hands and could talk about them all day.  In this case however, I’ll let the email I got from the band speak for itself: “We and our friends at Greedhead made Songs From Utopia Volume One, a free EP with 3 new songs, available for download. It is a collection of quasi-political “thought pieces” that serve as a manifestation of overwhelming white guilt and a pinko elitist liberal arts education. Released worldwide on July 4th, 2012 it is also a birthday present for America. The EP was produced and mixed by James Brown, and it was mastered by Joe LaPorta at The Lodge.  Can’t thank them enough.”

There you have it.  Download the EP and watch a video the band made for the entire EP here.

Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 1.23.03 PM